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  • DINING | Is The Breakfast Club worth the hype?

    DINING | Is The Breakfast Club worth the hype?

    My friend and I visited The Breakfast Club for the first time ever this week and I must admit it was wonderful. In fact, I’ve not stopped thinking about that meal since. There are various Breakfast Clubs dotted around London and we visited the original in Soho. This was actually our second attempt after previously…

  • DINING | The Grand Expedition – London

    DINING | The Grand Expedition – London

    Gingerline are a team of exuberant dining trailblazers who have been creating new and exciting immersive dining experiences since 2010. This year they promise to take budding aeronauts on an edible adventure through 5 delicious and interactive courses in a “floating, feeding, falling dream”.  The Grand Expedition is shrouded in mystery, creating an atmosphere abuzz…