REVIEW | Singin’ In The Rain – UK Tour

The weather has turned at Milton Keynes Theatre and the rain is well and truly pouring. The glorious Singin’ in the Rain has arrived and it’s bold, beautiful and well worth a visit. With a fresh take on the classic story and much loved score, there is nothing not to love about this ravishing new production.

Despite humble beginnings, the now critically acclaimed classic film Singin’ in the Rain has been entertaining audiences worldwide since 1952, and on stage since 1983. Monumental Pictures are trying to keep up with the Warner Brothers’ latest bestseller – The Jazz Singer. Talking Pictures are in and silent movies are well and truly out. It’s not plain sailing and to make matters worse their leading lady has a less than pleasant voice. New friendships, quick thinking and some sly manoeuvres make ‘The Dancing Cavalier’ Hollywood’s latest smash hit.

This production as a whole is dazzling. An immense set, spectacular costuming and gorgeous lighting set the tone immediately for what is a no expense spared extravaganza of musical theatre. Simon Higlett’s design and Tim Mitchell’s lighting work seamlessly together to create this bright, colourful and exciting feast for the eyes. Jonathan Church has directed the production beautifully but for me the absolute star of the show was the fast paced and dynamic choreography by Andrew Wright. It’s everything you could possibly ask for in a classical musical and performed with impressive diligence, energy and enthusiasm from an excellent cast.

Sam Lips and Charlotte Gooch are charming as the leading lovebirds Don Lockwood and Kathy Selden but for me, without a shadow of a doubt the show was stolen by Ross McLaren as the awkward, funny and loveable Cosmo Brown. McLaren completely wins the audience over with a natural stage presence and brilliant comic timing – a definite stand out. Faye Tozer was unfortunately a little lack lustre as the usually flamboyant and over the top Lina Lamont which left a few moments feeling a little flat. A wonderful ensemble cast offer energy and enthusiasm by the bucketload and are a real joy to watch on stage. They perform the choreography flawlessly and bring this glorious production to life.

This UK Tour of Singin’ in the Rain is everything you could wish for and a little bit more. Its bright, impressive and beautiful from the opening number to the final splash. The classics are served up to perfection and of course, when the rain starts pouring it really is a joy to behold. The excitement of watching the first few rows of the audience getting soaked in rainwater truly never gets old.

For an impeccable production of a much loved classic with a breath of fresh air, this UK Tour has got you covered. It is an absolute delight – You’ll leave with a spring in your step and a smile on your face.

Singin’ in the Rain is at Milton Keynes Theatre until Saturday 16th April before continuing on its UK Tour. Don’t miss your chance to see it when it heads your way. For tickets and info click here.


*Production Images provided by Production Company

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