REVIEW | The Addams Family Musical – UK Tour

If you’re looking to brighten your week, look no further than Milton Keynes Theatre and The Addams Family – A Musical Comedy. With a devilishly catchy Tony Award nominated score, choreography to knock your socks off and a ton of pure unadulterated fun, this unmissable musical won’t fail to make you smile this January.

If you’ve not heard of this kooky clan, you’ve quite frankly been living under a rock. Dating way back to 1938, The Addams Family have featured in magazines, television series, films, video games and now, theatre. This particular version see’s Wednesday Addams ‘pulled in a new direction’ as she falls in love with a boy from a completely ‘normal’ family. In an attempt to woo him and impress his parents, she convinces her peculiar clan to put on ‘one normal night’ when they visit. Needless to say, normal is easier said than done, and thanks to the infamous game, dinner soon turns into a bizarre but brilliantly entertaining series of unfortunate events.

The first thing that stands out about this production is the overall design. Everything about it screams high-end production and perfectly sets the scene for this dark yet light-hearted story. Diego Pitarch’s costume and set design is sleek and detailed; beautifully transforming the space from haunted mansion to spooky park with ease and elegance. Alistair David’s awe-inspiring choreography is meticulously crafted and is performed with agility and precision by an outstanding ensemble cast. This group form the Addams Ancestors and completely embody their kooky characters. From wide eyed head tilts to spooky side eyes this enthusiastic ensemble are always 100% committed to their individual and unique roles, bringing impressive nuance and interest to the piece whenever they’re on stage.

The show is lead by an incredibly strong cast who tell the story perfectly under Matthew White’s direction. Together they demonstrate exquisite comedic timing whilst maintaining their dark personas, gaining huge laughs from even the most subtle of jokes. Stand out performances for me would be from Cameron Blakely as Gomez Addams who has the audience in fits of laughter with an impressive ease, Scott Paige as the loveable Uncle Fester and Sean Kingsley who was hilarious as Mal Beineke.

You don’t have to be an Addams Family superfan to enjoy this exceptionally fun show. This musical has it all. Its kooky, captivating and comical. For a night out that will lift the spirits of the whole family, no matter what their age, The Addams Family most definitely has you covered.

Don’t miss your chance to see this brilliantly fun show at Milton Keynes Theatre until Saturday 15th January, before it continues on its UK Tour. For tour dates and tickets click here.

*Production Images by Pamela Raith

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One response to “REVIEW | The Addams Family Musical – UK Tour”

  1. DougInNC Avatar

    “Kooky, captivating, and comical.” I love how you used ‘kooky’ there, as the jingle for the old TV show opened with “They’re creepy and they’re kooky.”

    It is not likely that I’ll find The Addams Family worth seeing (‘Itt’ is not my ‘Thing’ -ha!) but this is another review from Theatress that is worth reading.

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