REVIEW | Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat – UK Tour

One of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s most loved classic musicals, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat has been delighting audiences young and old since 1972. Who’d have thought that a musicalised Bible story could have such a huge and long lasting impact? Well, its a heartwarming story of an outcast’s rise to greatness coupled with an array of joyous, catchy songs and important morals – what’s not to love?

This particular version of Joseph unfortunately wasn’t my favourite overall, but still brings this brilliant story to life in a wonderfully colourful production. The cast give excellent performances, bringing bounds of energy to the stage and those much loved classic tunes. Jaymi Hensley does a solid job as protagonist Joseph and Trina Hill is charming as the Narrator, hitting some impressive notes along the way. The large children’s choir line either side of the stage and beautifully accompany each number their angelic little voices.

The design elements of the production were what really let it down in my opinion. The set is bold and striking and creates a fantastic backdrop to the action but unfortunately it feels like the costume and props departments got the leftovers from the budget. Joseph in Ugg boots was something I just could not get on board with and performing ‘Go, Go, Go, Joseph’ in graduation robes was another questionable choice. The remainder of the costuming was slightly better than those two examples but mostly felt cheap and unimaginative.

I found the choreography to be a little stale, always centred on stage not utilising the multi-level set particularly well. I was expecting more of a fresh take on the classic but it certainly wasn’t that. The lack of females in the cast was also a shame as the brother’s wives were completely cut from the production. Instead, 3 women rushed on and off stage for quick dance numbers and cameos which just felt odd and random.

Thankfully, this musical is incredibly vibrant and colourful which means it will always provide a brilliant evening of entertainment. Kids will love the fast-paced and easy to follow storyline and adults will enjoy the fantastic score and subtle comedy.

This production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat certainly brings back fond childhood memories. It tells a beautiful story with important morals making it the perfect show for children and adults alike. It’s bright, fast-paced, energetic and full of some of Lloyd Webber’s most fun and catchy numbers. This particular version unfortunately falls a little short of expectations with a few missed opportunities to maximise on design, comedy and choreography but overall this is an enjoyable night out for the entire family.

Currently at Milton Keynes Theatre before continuing its UK Tour. For tickets and tour dates click here!

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One response to “REVIEW | Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat – UK Tour”

  1. Classy_23 Avatar

    I saw the tour too. It was ok and enjoyable. I’m kind of glad I saw the tour and didn’t pay out for the West End production because apparently it’s even more disappointing. They get children to play the adult roles and Sheridan Smith picks up nearly everything else (even Portiphar’s wife) !!

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