Where to sit at Milton Keynes Theatre

It’s my first regional ‘where to sit’! Milton Keynes Theatre is vast, like seriously it’s absolutely enormous. I’ve done my very best to get into every corner and give you a decent overview of where to sit at this brilliant regional theatre.


Front Stalls

The view from anywhere in this section is fantastic. The edges will give an ever so slight side view but it’ll hardly be noticeable. The stage is nice and low and the rake is good.

Where to sit at Milton Keynes Theatre - Theatress Blog 2

Central Stalls

The central section just after row E is slightly raised up above the front section and split in 2 by the sound box. The rake is brilliant here so absolutely no issues with obstruction. These are my favourite seats in the theatre.

Where to sit at Milton Keynes Theatre - Theatress Blog 4

Side Stalls

These sections are a bit of a mystery on the booking page. They’re labelled HH to MM and look as though they’re way off at the back of the stalls but they’re not. They’re directly behind row E, separated by an aisle. I sit here almost every time I come to MK and the view is brilliant. It’s a side view but you never miss anything other than perhaps the edge of the set. The rake is brilliant, my view has never been obstructed.

Where to sit at Milton Keynes Theatre - Theatress Blog 1

Rear Stalls

The rear section of the stalls from Row L feels like a royal circle at a regular theatre. It’s directly behind the soundbox and raised above the rest of the stalls so the view is brilliant. First photo is the front row of this section, second photo is the back row of this section – starting to feel a little distant by this point and overhang in view!



The circles quickly start to feel quite distant as the first row lines up with the rear section of the stalls – hence the theatre feels so cavernous! Still, thanks to the design most seats give a clear if distant view.

Front Circle

A fantastic unrestricted view. Even the end seats only have a slight side view but like earlier, not noticeable. Rows labelled AA to CC protrude in front of the main circle getting you a little closer to the action.

Where to sit at Milton Keynes Theatre - Theatress Blog 10

Circle Box

A side view. You’ll miss around a fifth of the stage closest to you but you’re nice and close to the action as it sticks out of the front of the circle, even further than AA.

Where to sit at Milton Keynes Theatre - Theatress Blog 8

Central Circle

A really great unrestricted view but it does feel distant up here!

Where to sit at Milton Keynes Theatre - Theatress Blog 11

Rear Circle

Still unrestricted but it feels very far away.



Front Upper Circle

As with the circle, Rows AA – DD protrude forwards in front of the main upper circle getting you a bit closer to the action. The view here is fantastic and unrestricted but again, it is far away from the stage.

Where to sit at Milton Keynes Theatre - Theatress Blog 18

Side Upper Circe

The theatre isn’t massively curved so side views aren’t really restricted. This is the very end of the first row of the main section of the upper circle – Row A.

Where to sit at Milton Keynes Theatre - Theatress Blog 14

Central Upper Circle

I’m sounding a lot like a broken record here – it’s unrestricted but very high up and far away from the stage! You’ll see all the action but smaller details and facial expressions are a no from here.

Where to sit at Milton Keynes Theatre - Theatress Blog 17

Rear Upper Circle

Same goes for this section – I’ll let the photo speak for itself!

Where to sit at Milton Keynes Theatre - Theatress Blog 16

Upper Circle Boxes

There are 8 boxes that curve around the back of the upper circle. I couldn’t get a photo from one but they’re raised up a metre or two from the very back of the upper circle (last photo) and the ones on the edges will have a side view. They’re all classed as restricted view seats – you’ll probably have to lean forwards in the side ones to see the stage.

So that’s it – I tried my best to cover this gigantic theatre as thoroughly as possible!! I hope this is helpful, I always find it more difficult to find advice on seating in regional theatres than London theatres!

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  1. W P Avatar
    W P

    Thanks for this great informative stuff – really helpful. Now I understand the price variation!


  2. Roo's Travels Avatar

    Hi. Thanks for this, it’s really helpful as I’m looking at tickets. I just wonder if sitting in the front row either circle or upper means the safety bar blocks your view… or not? Do you remember?

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