What’s so special about The Band?

The Band is Tim Firth’s new(ish) musical moulding Take That’s classic 90’s hits into a slightly cheesy but undeniably heartwarming story.

The band was first performed in September 2017 before embarking on a huge tour of the UK which included a 6 week stint in the West End. I first saw and fell in love with this show back in May, 2018 (Full review here) and almost one year on, it hasn’t lost its sparkle.

The most surprising thing about this show is that Tim Firth has written an incredibly coherent and resonant story around the music of Take That. It’s not your average jukebox musical comprising a substandard story stuffed with as many classic crowdpleasers as possible. This is a heartwarming tale of friendship and bereavement which strikes a powerful chord with its audience.

Of course, there’s still plenty of cheese to go around and quite frankly I wouldn’t have it any other way. You don’t go to a Take That Musical and expect it to be deadly serious now do you? Thats the beauty of it though, a perfect balance of cheesiness, comedy and heartbreak makes for a story that consistently wows audiences up and down the country.

The cast are absolutely fantastic. The band are brilliantly charming. The story is emotional, hilarious and heartwarming. The audience has an excitable buzz about it and everyone is beaming and up out of their seats at curtain call. It’s the ultimate in feel-good musicals and the closing line “It was your show all along” is a gorgeous little nod to the fans that made it happen.

The Band has given me two of the most enjoyable evenings at the theatre I’ve had in the past year. I laughed, I cried and I left begging for more. A wonderfully resonant story accompanied by some of Take That’s most loved hits. The Band is a triumph.

See my full review of the current production here.

You’ve not got long left to see the current touring production of this fabulous musical. For information and tickets click here!

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