TRAVEL | Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park, London

A trip to London’s famous Winter Wonderland is always on my Christmas to-do list. I’m a stickler for absolutely anything thats obnoxiously festive so an afternoon here is a real winner for me.

There is something for everyone; ice bars, fairground rides, markets, ice skating, the Nutcracker on Ice – you could literally spend a week here and do something new each day. Having said that, you’d need to take out a small loan to manage it. With so much to see though, these added extras aren’t even necessary.

As for me, after a wander around the sights and a peruse of the markets, I always end up in the Bavarian Village. I blooming love it. It has a gorgeous traditional German feel to it with cosy wooden cabins and traditional German folk music. There are open fires to warm your hands or if you’re like me, you can warm up on the dance floor to the dulcet tones of a live performer belting out ‘All I want for Christmas is You’. I highly recommend.

Winter Wonderland is absolutely free to get into which is fab if you just want to soak up the festive atmosphere with a currywurst, mulled wine and a boogy on the dance floor like me. Expect large crowds, and a few queues but don’t let them stop you! Winter Wonderland is well worth a visit this Christmas season! Anyway, a pictures say a thousand words so heres a little gallery! For more information about Winter Wonderland click here!

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