REVIEW | The Comedy about a Bank Robbery – UK Tour

I’ve been so excited to see Mischief Theatre’s sidesplitting Comedy about a Bank Robbery on its UK Tour after falling in love with the production a year ago in London.

The Comedy about a Bank Robbery tells the farcical tale of a prison escapee and his clueless sidekick’s plot to steal the famous Maguvin Diamond from the questionably high-security vaults of the Minneapolis City Bank. Needless to say it isn’t exactly plain sailing and as the hilarity ensues its not long before we realise that ‘everyone in this town is a crook‘. 

Mischief Theatre have created and extraordinarily fast paced piece which is clever and gripping whilst remaining relentlessly witty. Whilst the comedy is a clear focus, the storyline never suffers. It is because of this that the humour doesn’t feel as forced as it does in Mischief’s ‘..goes wrong’ productions and one of the reasons why I love this play so much.

The touring cast are bursting with energy and deliver 110% throughout this fast paced piece. Thanks to their near perfect comedic timing, belly laughs were sent rippling through the audience on numerous occasions. Their characterisation was impeccable. I was in stitches from start to finish and the snorts emerging from directly behind me let me know that I wasn’t alone. 

David Farley’s set design is brilliantly versatile and adds an aspect of visual humour to the piece. A particular highlight affords the audience an impressive birds eye view of the action for part of the show amounting to an outrageously funny scene. With only one aspect of the set changing for this touring production, regional audiences are certainly not being offered a watered down version of this production. Having said that, some WD40 wouldn’t go amiss!

The Comedy about a Bank Robbery is an impeccably measured combination of slapstick, irony and light hearted fun. Innovative writing, outstanding staging and top notch acting catapult this piece to brilliance. Gut busting, lung popping, sidesplittingly hilarious. This show is without a doubt the funniest show around. 

The Comedy about a Bank Robbery is at Milton Keynes Theatre until 24th November 2018 before continuing on its UK Tour. Make sure you catch it when it heads your way! For tickets and info click here!


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*Production Images by Robert Day




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