REVIEW | Nativity! the Musical – UK Tour

Christmas has officially begun!!! Well it has in Milton Keynes anyway with Nativity! the Musical sending waves of festive joy throughout the city.

Nativity! the Musical is even more bonkers than ever before. Based on the popular 2009 festive film of the same name, this musical tells the story of a failing primary school’s big break in Hollywood. After Mr Maddens unknowingly promises the whole town that the school nativity will be made into a smash hit movie, he faces an uphill battle to make it a reality. With a not-so helpful hand from crazy teaching assistant Mr Poppy, a whole lot of chaos ensues to ensure that the children of St Bernadette’s christmas wishes come true.

Memories of chaotic costume changes, catchy hymns and christmas cheer all came rushing back whilst watching this brilliantly nostalgic production. Debbie Isitt has perfectly captured the fun of the annual nativity from all perspectives with this comical and heart warming story. Scott Garnham (Mr Maddens) and Simon Lipkin (Mr Poppy) lead the show and make an incredibly dynamic team on stage. Garnham brilliantly portrays the doting and loveable Mr Maddens whilst capturing the hearts of the audience with his moving back story. On the other hand, Lipkin offers fun, chaos and excitement in his portrayal of the irritating and surprisingly underestimated teaching assistant. This endearing pair is completely believable on stage and their growing friendship is not only hilarious but also heartwarming.

Alongside this pair is a small but mighty grown-up cast. With most effortlessly slipping in and out of multiple roles throughout the show this cast offer oodles of energy and fun. Jemma Churchill shone as the hopeful headmistress with her funny yet emotive delivery and Andy Brady was brilliantly terrifying as the nearby prep school headteacher.

A nativity wouldn’t be complete without a whole host of excitable children and this show certainly offers that. The children of St Bernadette’s have enough personality to fill the auditorium 5 times over and not only are they absolutely hilarious and impeccably drilled, but at times incredibly emotive. The children of nearby Oakmoor School are a brilliantly talented selection of local children from each stop of the tour offering a whole host of aspiring young talent the chance to shine!

David Woodhead’s dazzling set provides the perfect backdrop to this joyous production and Andrew Wright’s choreography really brings the piece to life. Nativity! the Musical certainly Sparkles and Shines and you’ll leave the theatre on a Christmassy high! This is the perfect way to kick off the festivities for the whole family!

Catch Nativity! the Musical at Milton Keynes Theatre until 18th November 2018 before it continues on its UK Tour !! For tickets and info click here !!

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  1. DougInNC Avatar

    It sounds splendid! Well said, especially “… enough personality to fill the auditorium 5 times over …”!

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