REVIEW | The Selfish Giant

The Selfish Giant is the latest addition to ‘The Oscar Wilde Season’ which is proving to be an impressive celebration of Wilde’s great classics. This particular production has been lovingly crafted by the Made in Northampton team and it is quite literally glowing.

This is the first Folk Opera I have seen and I really hope that it will not be my last. Guy Chambers’ music was completely enchanting and moved the story along beautifully. The extraordinary 9 piece orchestra sat above the action and were flawless. Below them, Simon Kenny’s simple yet captivating design set the scene in a deliberately abstract manner. Ladders created trees and a multi-level space and boxes revealed balloons whilst creating the Giant’s pivotal wall. It was particularly inspiring to see how balloons were used to transport the story not only through the seasons but also through emotions. The colours of the balloons coupled with the stunning orchestration and choreography very subtly whisked the audience through moments of joy and sorrow. Incredibly effective and truly mesmerising.

The cherry on top of this cake was of course the excellent cast. Each member was absolutely phenomenal and completely believable. In a piece such as this the casting is absolutely vital and they have got it absolutely right. I couldn’t fault them. The ne and only thing

This piece filled me with joy. It is just absolutely beautiful from start to finish and tells a really heartwarming story. Every single aspect of the production from the casting and orchestration to the costumes and lighting is spot on and has come together perfectly. It captures your imagination and has you hooked from start to finish. Enchanting, magical and mesmerising. Perfect for the whole family!

Don’t miss The Selfish Giant at London’s Vaudeville Theatre until 14th April! For tickets and info click here!

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2 responses to “REVIEW | The Selfish Giant”

  1. DougInNC Avatar

    Wonderfully written post. Your words captured the glow that hit you from the stage.

    I am a great fan of the rare experience of having the band on stage or “above the action,” if that means the same thing. “On Your Feet!” and “Come From Away” were recent viewings staged in that way. My favorite version of this (I may have mentioned before) was a musical in Los Angeles about a band, with the actual band members performing the score in full view of the audience on scaffolding at the rear of the stage, while actors shared the lives of the band members in front of the real persons! Very surreal and totally engrossing.

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    1. Theatress Avatar

      Thanks so much!! I would love to see Come from Away. My fingers are crossed for a London transfer but if not it’ll be first on my list the next time I’m in NYC! The musical you mention from Los Angeles sounds brilliant – very unique and innovative!!


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