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I finally got round to seeing RENT the Musical last night – yes it was my first time, I know am I even a musical theatre fan?! I was actually put off RENT when I watched the film a while back. I loved a few numbers off the soundtrack but apart from that it didn’t leave me inspired. I spotted that it was coming to the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry a couple of weeks ago and with reasonable ticket prices and good reviews, I decided I’d give it ago.

Now I understand what all the hype is about. RENT tells the story of a group of struggling young artists in New York City in the late 1980’s. The story is actually based on the Puccini opera ‘La Boheme’ written a century before Rent but brought up to date to encompass the struggles of the time – HIV/AIDS, substance mis-use and homosexuality to name a few. RENT takes you through a year – or 525600 minutes – of love, disease, dreams and heartbreak as each individual story intertwines to form a stunning, emotional and raw image of the harsh reality of Bohemian NYC. It might be 20 years on, but this musical still rings true in so many ways.

RENT is one of those musicals which is almost completely told through song – kind of like Les Mis in that sense but in every other sense absolutely nothing like Les Mis. It is incredibly fast paced, which keeps you on the edge of your seat but if you let your mind wander, you may have lost the plot. It is described as a “rock musical” with music and lyrics by Jonathan Larson which perfectly narrate the story whilst staying true to that Bohemian style. I enjoyed the way the odd Christmas carol was thrown into the mix at Christmas time and there was certainly enough comedic relief throughout – I’m looking at you ‘Over the Moon’. Never in my life have I sat amongst 900 people ‘moo-ing’ in unison. But RENT sends you on the harshest emotional rollercoaster of all, you’ll go from laughing till you cry to sobbing your heart out. It’s a rough ride, but one of those where you get off and want to run around to the entrance and do it all over again.

This particular touring production is of the highest standard. As soon as the safety curtain went up to reveal the stunning set behind, I knew I was in for a real treat. The casting is exquisite.  Every single member of the cast gave their all to that performance and it was a joy to watch. When a cast is having that much fun on stage, its infectious. Their harmonies had my entire body covered in goosebumps and they perfected Lee Proud’s complex and innovative choreography to make it look easy. I could list every single member of this cast, but I’ll just stick to a few who really stood out to me.

Christina Modestou was on as Maureen and to my surprise, she was covering the role. God only knows why she isn’t the lead because her portrayal was flawless. She delivered her lines with perfect comedic timing and her voice packed so much power – such incredible all-round talent. A masterclass in reasons why you should never underestimate an understudy.

Philippa Stefani gave absolutely everything she had to Mimi, such raw emotion is a privilege to watch. Shanay Holmes was magnificent as Joanne and Ryan O’Gorman hit notes so low I didn’t know they existed. His ‘I’ll cover you – Reprise’ was perfection – so powerful and pure. I can only wish to one day be as flexible as Layton Williams who played Angel and I must say he looks bloody beautiful in a full face of make-up!!

I highly recommend this production of RENT! It is absolutely magnificent. You can catch it at the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry for the rest of this week and then it heads to Nottingham and Tunbridge Wells. You can find out more over on the Rent UK Tour Website. Don’t miss out!!!

Have you seen this production? Let me know down in the comments!! You can also join me over on Twitter and Instagram!

**FUN FACT!! Not only does the title RENT refer to last years un-paid rent in the story but the word rent can also be defined as ‘torn apart’ – pretty cool hey?!**

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6 responses to “REVIEW | Rent the Musical – UK Tour”

  1. Best of 2017 – Theatre – THEATRESS Avatar

    […] 9. RENT @ UK Tour – I’d only ever seen the film of RENT prior to biting the bullet and booking myself a ticket for the tour. Having hated the film I was very surprised to be completely won over by this production. (Full Review) […]


  2. mphadventuregirl Avatar

    I am seeing Rent in September with my mom and dad. I have been waiting for five years to see it. When I found out it was touring the US, I started convincing my mom to take it

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    1. Theatress Avatar

      How exciting!! I hope you enjoy it!


      1. mphadventuregirl Avatar

        This musical has been a part of my life since Fall of 2012. So excited for September to arrive

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  3. DougInNC Avatar

    You make me wonder if I want to see RENT, often referenced as a milestone show. Yet I have felt it is theater primarily for those IN the theater, secondarily for “musical theatre fans” like you, and less so for the casual audience, like me. Perhaps I should take heed of it’s lasting success as a clue.

    You wrote, “A masterclass in reasons why you should never underestimate an understudy.” The first time I “took that class” was seeing Aida in New York City in 2000, so impressed by the understudy (for a Tony Award winner) that I stood by afterward to tell her personally, the only stage-door experience in my memory.

    I’m happy for you that the touring company was terrific, and happy for me because I enjoy well-written lines like yours: “… one of those where you get off and want to run around to the entrance and do it all over again.” Excellent!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Theatress Avatar

      Wow, Thank-you for such a lovely thoughtful comment!
      I was always very skeptical like you, but I have to say it exceeded my expectations by a long way. Although I wouldn’t list it in my favourite musicals of all time, it is definitely worth a visit and I’m sure i’ll be back!!

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